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For the popular press I've done a number of shelter stories (homes) and occasional commentary on the impact of technology on society. For the business press it's been business operations, new technologies & business continuity planning. 
Note: many of the links are no longer viable but I will be happy to forward a .doc copy of the original document should you wish.

Some samples:

"Fitting In" A couple & their architect work hard to make sure the house suits its setting. 
Scouting, article & sidebar for Yankee Magazine. 
"Chip Quality" A new technology with huge potential for an ancient business.
Pulp & Paper Magazine 

"A Yankee's Ingenuity" Turn-of-the-Century New Hampshire Home with Creativity You Can Use!
Yankee Magazine (photos & article)

"Masters of Furniture" Master craftsmen & one woman with a common goal.
Yankee Magazine (Paid for but not published.)

"Blue Willow" America's most popular china.  Where did it come from and why is it so popular?
Better Homes & Gardens

"The End of Knight:The Battle of Crecy” On a small hill in Northern France, a group of English yeomen put an end to six hundred years of proud history of the mounted knight.
Renaissance Magazine - Vol 9, Issue #37
"To Make a New Dog" Implications and ethics of new bio-science on our historical relationship with dogs.
Strange Horizons - Science Fact & Fiction Magazine
"The One Percent Solution" Getting around the BCP "list all possible disasters" syndrome.   
Continuity Planning & Management magazine, now a section in BCP "handbook".
"The Stirrup" A look at  competitive advantage in history and the role of a high impact product. This article was published
Strange Horizons - Science Fact & Fiction Magazine

The Laker Newspaper series
"Black Bear Coffee" How a couple founded & survive the micro-roastery coffee business, against a Starbucks lawsuit.  "TimePiece" A story of discovery and restoration for a magnificent antique wooden boat.
"The Tuftonboro Store" When traditional country stores are closing like dot.coms all over New England, why is one store flourishing?  Also publised at The Heart of New England Magazine (online)"No Kill" How privately funded shelter survives without euthanasia. 
"The Irish Music Scene" Many Irish music makers have grown fond of our bit of New England. Here's why.
"High Impact Innovations" A review of the year 2000's fad for everyone's favorite "history's greatest inventions and innovations".   Shortened version published in The Hilltop Observer
"Love affair with a Fantail Launch" An eight year old love affair gets consummated in front of wife and friends.   The story of Jim Hulm's stunning home built fantail launch.  (Photos re-published in Wooden Boat Magazine)

"On Selling Business Continuity Planning." A series written for corporate planners.
Disaster Recovery Journal

"Competitive Intelligence" Essay on use of big company tools in small company via a Web Site review
Internet Business Forum, Inc., iBiz Tips Column

"Why doesn't anybody plan for business continuity?" Emergencies take down businesses regularly. Methods abound to prepare for such crisis yet no one seems to get off the dime.
ContinunityPlanner.com's "EZINE" - 2001

"A Lesson From Bill Hewlett" In the 1970s, Bill taught us all a lesson in timing and intimate customer knowledge.
Leadership Development eZine

Random online: 
"Professional Hacking" - Essay on what's new and nefarious.
"R&D Methods" - Observations from the seventies on the difference between the HP & Xerox approach to R&D.
"Fear Sells" - Americans are more afraid for their health than ever before.
"Learning Integration" - When is it good for a school to be like a manufacturing facility?
"Finding Time to Write" - "WriterL" curated by Lynne & Jon Franklin (winner of 2 Pulitzers)